Cooling Down by Warming Up

We have all experienced those hot sweaty summer days. As the days become hotter there is nothing more refreshing than your favourite cold beverage or ice cream. However, today’s most popular choice of cold beverage or ice creams, are sugar-sweetened and loaded with calories. Although we may think for a couple of minutes that we have managed to reduce the body heat, actually these sugar-loaded beverages increase your body temperature and the body’s need for water. Especially during the hot summer days, it is very important to maintain your fluid intake to prevent dehydration and summer overheating. Your body has a negative feedback mechanism to maintain a constant body temperature. Drinking a cold beverage leads to an increase in your body temperature and the other way around when drinking a warm beverage (i.e. it reduces your body temperature). However, when the beverage is sugar loaded, your body needs to work harder to metabolize the sugar. This will therefore lead to an increase in your body temperature. Drinking warm beverages with no sugar will lead to a relatively more cooling effect during the summer days. Furthermore, to cool down during the summer, your body will sweat more and this will lead to an increase in your body’s need for water.

In conclusion, to manage the hot summer days the following 3 approaches can help you cool down and maintain your fluid intake;

  1. Prefer to drink warmer beverages as opposed to colder ones.
  2. Try not to consume sugar-loaded beverages or ice creams.
  3. Drink more water than your urge to drink, do not wait until you feel thirsty!

by Buket Kinaci Tas

Image: [ Chris Elwell ]