Dishwasher Cleaning Powders and Odour Removers

There are new additions to the lineup of cleaning products and dishwashing detergents every day. Each of these products leave us further exposed to chemicals. Products such as shiners/cleaners, salts and odour removers are amongst the most popular, however are there alternative products that can be created?

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent shiner for dishes. As it is home made and with adequate caution, it can be placed appropriately in the relevant compartment of the dishwasher. The only difference from the brand names is that it does not contain any perfumes, sulfates and preservatives.

Rock salt and sea salt are also exceptional machine salts/powders. The acting agent in dishwashing powders is sodium chloride which helps in neutralizing the bleach in the water hence why using pure salt is just as effective. This is done by pouring the salt into the relevant compartment of the dishwasher.

The common warnings used for most odour removing agents are: “keep away from food and children”, “do not make contact with skin“ and “It may cause harm to your respiratory system“.

The ingredients of odour removing products contain polyethylene, perfume and/or agents, paints. The same effect can be created by placing lemon peels in the utensil section of the dishwasher as a natural alternative that is free of chemical warnings.

 by Busra Kirmizikaya Safi

Image: [ geografika]