Does Phone Use Affect Your Sleep?

For people who live in a digitalised world, it has become the norm to go on the phone whenever bored and especially before sleep. There also have been instances of those spending hours on the phone trying to fall asleep. However, exposure to phone screens before bed can lead to unhealthy and disruptive sleep patterns. These are a few simple methods to tackle this issue.

According to research, phone screen exposure may result in a tired mind. Reading a variety of social media updates may keep the mind engaged, which results in difficulty of falling asleep. If it is necessary to check your phone before falling asleep, refrain from reading news threads and social media updates. This way you will not be engaging your mind with different thoughts and it will be easier to fall asleep.

In addition, high stress and anxiety could cause the mind to awaken even during sleep, this awakening would reduce REM sleep. REM sleep is most important to obtain quality sleep and provides waking up energetic in the morning. Also, REM sleep is the dreaming stage. Reading unfavourable and distressing news before sleeping can negatively affect the unconscious mind and result in distressing dreams and reducing REM sleep. Therefore, refrain from reading unfavourable information and news before bed.

Current research shows that blue light emitted from screens results in low melatonin production. The melatonin hormone is important in order to have a normal sleep pattern and sleep quality. Low release of this hormone may result in problems such as difficulty in falling asleep and waking up not feeling rested. To prevent this, try to avoid screens before sleeping. If this is not possible, switch on ‘night mode’ which is available on a lot of phones. As a result, the negative effects on melatonin caused by the emitted blue light from the screens would be reduced.

Quality sleep is necessary for healthy living. To protect your physical and mental health, try to refrain from using your phone before bed. If not, use the phone in night mode and stay away from news threads. This may result in falling asleep easier and waking up mentally and physically relaxed.


Image: [finwal89]