Fatty Liver Is A Condition That Can Be Prevented by Simple Means

Fatty liver is a condition seen when liver-cells begin to take in great amounts of fats into their interior. These liver cells can lead to decreased function of the organ. In the long run this can lead to cirrhosis and ultimately liver failure.

But how can one protect themselves from developing fatty liver?

  1. Stay away from sugar and flour.

Instead of eating simple carbohydrates such as white bread, potatoes, pasta, and corn, start eating complex carbohydrates which are healthier for the body such as bread that is rich in fibres, wheat, fruit, and vegetables.

  1. Try to stay active by taking (at least) a 45-minute walk.

If you cannot walk daily, start by implementing a routine of taking walks 2-3 days a week, thereby slowly building a healthy habit. If you have the opportunity, you can also stay active by doing Pilates, aerobics, swimming, or other sports you find interesting.

  1. Leave the dinner-table before you feel fully satiated!

The brain responds to hormones which signal satiation when the stomach is full. However, it can take some time from when the brain responds to the hormones till one actually feels satiated. Therefore, if you eat slowly and leave the dinner table before feeling totally satiated, you will realize that you slowly begin to feel satiated afterwards anyway.

  1. Stay away from alcohol.

Drinking alcohol on a daily basis results in increased risks of getting liver cirrhosis. Therefore, try to cut alcohol out of your life. The proposed benefits of a small amount of alcohol intake can be obtained better from other sources.

  1. Drink coffee without sugar.

Recent studies have shown that drinking more than one cup of coffee per-day for more than 5 years decreases your risk of developing fatty liver.

  1. Consume green tea.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and studies have found a reduction in the risk of developing fatty liver when consuming green tea. However, remember that this consumption should be well balanced. Consuming herbal teas in inappropriate amounts can also harm the liver.

If anyone in your family has diabetes, obesity, heart failure, or hypertension, they have a considerably higher risk of developing a condition called “metabolic syndrome”. This is a condition often associated with liver diseases. If you or anyone you know has any of the listed complaints, it is important to visit your family doctor for regular health checkups for early prevention and diagnosis.

by   Elif Cerman Erdogmus

Image: 123rf.com [ sakramir ]