Fruit and Vegetables and Risk of Breast Cancer

There is a lot of research showing that a diet including fruit and vegetables leads to better general health and prevents the development of obesity, cardiac disease and cancer. In this week’s British Medical Journal[1] the connection between a high intake of fruit and vegetables has been examined in women. The researchers show that total fruit consumption leads to a lower risk of breast cancer. If women have a high intake of fruits and vegetables rich in carotene, there is a low risk of early breast cancer. It was especially evident that a high intake of apples, banana and grapes during adolescence and oranges and kale during early adulthood was connected with a reduced risk of breast cancer.

Therefore, the clear message is: both intake of fruit and vegetables and maintaining a healthy diet during adolescence are very important. So, be aware of what we serve to our young adults!

by Prof. Ismail Gögenur

Image: [ lola1960]