Stain Remover

For general cleaning, a single product may not always do the job. Everyone’s understanding of what is clean and dirty can vary, thus in the global market, there are a wide variety of whiteners, specific to the fabric of the item, colours etc.

Stain removers come at the forefront of cleaning.

So what are in the stain removers currently in the market? Synthetic surfactant, phosphonate, optic polisher and variety of perfumes. These ingredients come into contact with our skin, then penetrate into our cells. This can lead to allergic reactions and also asthma. Instead of using these innocent looking products, it is possible to create your own clean products at home.


1 cup grated extra virgin olive oil soap or castile  soap

1 cup of glycerin

10 drops of lemon oil


Mix soap with glycerin and wait for the soap to melt or melt it over boiling water. When the soap melts, add the lemon oil. If melted over steam, add the lemon oil after the mixture has cooled down. Empty into a glass bottle and shake before every use. Apply over fresh stain and let it stay for 10 minutes.


Image: [thamkc]