Tebbule (Parsley Salad)


Parsley is a health store plant that is found in almost every table and decorates our salads. The contribution of parsley – known for centuries and used in the treatment of many diseases – to our health has been supported by scientific research.

Strong antioxidants such as high levels of flavonoids and carotenoids in parsley protect us from bowel cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Also, these antioxidants strengthen the liver and help regenerate its tissue. Being a high source of vitamin E, parsley also strengthens our immune system.

In this recipe, we offer you the Tabbule salad, which contains a lot of parsley, and is very easy to make and store vitamins.


●        3 tomatoes

●        2 cucumbers

●        1 bunch of parsley

●        Half a bunch of mint

●        4 twigs of green onions

●        Quarter cup thin burghul

●        Juice of 2 lemons

●        Olive oil and salt on request


1.    Burghul is placed in a bowl and enough warm water is added to it and left for 15 minutes.

2.       After parsley and mint are washed thoroughly, it is chopped very thinly.

3.       Tomatoes, cucumbers and green onions are thinly chopped.

4.       All the ingredients are put in a large salad bowl and lemon juice, salt and olive oil are added.

5.       Finally, all ingredients are thoroughly mixed and served without waiting.

You can decorate it with mint leaves.

Enjoy your meal.


Image: shutterstock.com [Dina Saeed]