The Spectacular Trio of Parenting

Good parenting starts with good communication with your child. Decisiveness, consistency and being reasonable, are the three fundamental principles to forming a healthy relationship with your child. Parents adopting these three spectacular fundamentals would notice that their relationships with their children are improving considerably.

Good parents should firstly adopt the decisiveness principle. Parents who set rules and are decisive, strengthen their authority in the eyes of their children and help form their identity. Changing decisions often, for example in the event of a crying child, would reduce a child’s respect towards their parents’ views. Thus, without a valid exception, parents should be firm with their decisions.

Consistency is more difficult than decisiveness. Rules, reactions and sanctions should not change depending on times, places or feelings, especially amongst siblings. Remaining consistent between siblings is even more difficult. Rules between siblings should apply consistently without bias. Otherwise, children may understand this act as favouring one over the other, which can lead to problematic behaviours.

Being reasonable towards children means adjusting expectations to their appropriate levels. Even the most sensible child would be astonished by very high expectations! Setting very high expectations for children may lead to the thought that “Being a good child is impossible”. Therefore, expectations should be appropriate to the child’s age and skill level.

In conclusion, decisiveness in setting rules, consistency for justice and being reasonable, are necessary for children to be guided. There may be plenty of advice for good parenting, but these three spectacular trio principles come first.

Image: [SewCream]