Why Walk Every Day?

Have you ever heard of the anti-aging effect of daily walking? Only 20 to 25 minutes of going for a daily walk can increase your lifetime by seven years! In today’s world, most people work sitting all day long. This results in a sedentary lifestyle that leads to one of society’s biggest problems: obesity. We spend hours in front of computer screens, sitting at our desks. This not only causes an increase in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, but it also triggers the risk of heart disease and even cancer, thereby adding further importance to having a more active lifestyle.

Exercise benefits both our physical well-being as well as our mental health. Walking can function as an antidepressant when it comes to reducing everyday stress! Research shows that with every step we take, our mood will get better and better, allowing us to become more relaxed. Taking a short walk in the rush of our every-day lives will also give us a better sleep-wake cycle. So please remember: take a break from the computer screen and go out for a walk!

by Seyma Nur Demir

Image: 123rf.com [ Jozef Polc ]